Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heather Ross fans, listen up!!!

After reading this post over at True Up last year, I thought I would never get to make an announcement like this.


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Heather's blog tonight.

Is it too early to call this the fabric story of the year???

Heather Ross
announced today that there will be a sequel to her uber-popular Far Far Away line of fabrics for Kokka.

(The following images are pictures from her fantastic blog, which if you aren't currently reading on a regular basis you really should be as it is more often hilarious-er than anything else out there...)

I'm not sure, but I assume that these, too, will be printed on double-gauze, and if you haven't dipped your toe in the delicious pool of fabulousness that is double-gauze, what are you waiting for?

These fabrics build upon the original Far Far Away colors so the possibilities for mixing and matching will be great.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with these prints and think they are gorgeous.

Not just the colors (which seem a hint more "grown up" than the first line), but the designs as well.

I can't wait to see more of Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, even the Lilies-of-the-Valley have me all aflutter!

I think it is a safe assumption that we will be carrying the entire line, which is due out in the Spring (but, don't be surprised or disappointed if it's more like early Summer).

Heather also hinted that she has good news about some of her older, discontinued lines as well.

2010, it is only January and you have been so good to me!



PS ... While perusing the Kokka site this evening, I noticed that some of the original Far Far Away prints have been discontinued (ack!). We currently have most of these in stock, so you may want to get them while you can!


Ravenhill said...

What great news! Your blog is so inspiring!!! I am still hoarding the Heather Ross fabric I bought in your shop last fall. Come spring it is going to be a cute as can be jumper for Lilly for sure!
Happy weekend!
~Emily xoxo

Ann said...

Just wonderful, and such beautiful fabric and I will certainly be having a look at the blog.
thanks for sharing