Monday, January 11, 2010



Have just ordered this from Anthropologie as hair decoration for the wedding...

Whadaya think???

My hairdresser Natasha said she "saw me in feathers..."

This comes in white, too, but who wants to wear white at a wedding?

I need a little CUH-lah!!!

I mean, if you can't pull something like this off at your own wedding then when can you, I ask?

Plus, is this not Carrie Bradshaw-esque?

And we just got these patterns in today at the shop...

What a sweet little project.

I like to call these types of patterns "Palette Cleansers."

It's like a little fabric sorbet in between bigger projects.

Wouldn't a Smarty Girl bag be sooo cute in this fabric?

Consider your palette cleansed!




Kaylovesvintage said...

so pretty and I love the will be so pretty

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hair thing. Love that you're throwing color into the mix. Totally kool. Cannot wait for your wedding. Lots of love, BK

Jayne said...

LOVE IT Rhea! And congrats on snaggin Erin for your weddin' pho-toes! They are going to be Poifect!