Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ah me...

When it rains it pours.

And it is raining AND pouring here like a...

...well, never mind.

We are all going to turn prune-y soon.

I didn't have time during the day to post pictures of our Mystery Quilt Class, but I will try to do it tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some tidbits to keep you busy.

• I am closing the giveaway for the free spot in my Virtual Turning Twenty class a week from tomorrow on March 5th, so there is still time to enter.

• We have a giveaway coming up on Soulemama this weekend. Be there or be square.

• This is my wedding dress: but you have to click on the champagne color. It came in the mail the other day while I was at the store. I scurried into the bathroom to try it on and I love, love, love it. It is very me and will be fun to accessorize. Now I have begun the pre-wedding ritual of trying it on and prancing around the house when Ollie is not at home. Tell me I am not the only one who does this.

• Unbeknownst to me Jessica ordered her dress from the same place on the same day, but not the same dress. She had to send hers back, though, because apparently she has been a size 2 all along. I know because I measured her chest myself!

Craft Swap is tomorrow night at 6:00. I can't wait to show you what I made this time!

• Made a tablerunner for our coffee table with some of my blocks from the Denyse Schmidt class. When Ollie came home he said he liked the new tablerunner. THEN he pleasantly shocked me when he said "It looks like one of those Denyse Schmidt quilts." I told him that was the sexiest thing he'd ever said to me.

• Got my own personal herd of turtles in the mail today. Will post about them soon(ish).

Okay, must go get my beauty sleep.

Gotta bring my A-game tomorrow night.

Talk to you all again soon!




Colette said...

Rhea your wedding dress is soooo lovely and very elegant!

mel said...

Your dress is SO amazing! I love the flowiness (is that a word?) of it!!

Also, my favorite line: "...that was the sexiest thing he's ever said to me." :)

Jayne Hickey said...

Rhea - love love LOVE the wedding dress! It's perfect! I think if I had that dress as my wedding gown, I'd try it on and prance around the house all the live long day (and night for that matter)!

And Ollie gets an A+++++ on his awareness level - oh he's gonna make a mighty fine hubby for you. If that doesn't confirm things for you...

So wish I was going to be at the craft swap tomorrow...that was such fun! It's been so crazy these past few months here...but the next one fo sho!

Have a great time and take LOTS of pics!

Glad you have power there! Somebody turn off the wind machine and ENOUGH with the moisture - yes, my skin is dry but puhleeze!