Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Watch: Invitations Done!

I finally, finally, finally got my invitations out the other day...

I am such a nerd that I sent one to Oliver and myself because I wanted to know what it would feel like for all of the other guests who will be getting one in the mail.

Being a fabric store kind of gal, I really wanted to incorporate fabric into the wedding as much as possible, so I "borrowed" a favorite image from Laura Stoddart (for personal use only, Laura... please don't sue me... I'm your biggest fan!!!) and added some text in Illustrator, then printed the finished file onto muslin sheets.

Next I zig-zagged the muslin to a card stock backing and then did a little more zig-zagging at the bottom to really show off the variegated thread I was using.

I left the edges with long threads hanging out and I purposefully didn't make the zig-zagging too "perfect."

Hopefully this will let my guests know that they are in for a very laid-back, casual-type wedding.

The ceremony and reception are being held at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park.

I figure now that President Obama has been there they are probably ready for Ollie and me.

In other wedding-y news, Jessica is getting married today.

Remember when she got engaged???

(I do.)

I must say she got some guh-LOR-ious weather for her big day.

I am going to wear my Museum Tunic to the ceremony this afternoon... yay!!!

Congratulations, Jessica and Jon...

I am very happy for you both and hope I get a similarly glorious day when it is my turn!




Jenny said...

congratulations Jessica!!! I love outdoor weddings..and more so on beautiful days!!

rhea your invitations are fantastic! i love Laura Stoddart!!

skmulvehill said...

I was JUST at Jordan Pond House eating a popover on Saturday on the lawn, thinking what a glorious spot it would be for a wedding. I hope it is as perfectly beautiful on your day as it was when we visited last weekend. What an amazing spot!

Colette said...

LOVE your invitations ~ so beautiful, unique, and just plain perfect! And big CONGRATS to Jessica =0)

Kaylovesvintage said...

ooooh, I wish I could come