Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giveaway on Made by Rae!!!

Edited to add: I would be in BIG trouble with my customers if I didn't mention that we got our order of Soul Blossoms today... the wait is over! The rest of the Home-Decs and the Laminates will be shipping before Christmas, and tomorrow Jessica and I will be uploading bundles from the collection. Thanks for your patience!

I was so pleased when Rae Hoekstra (of Made by Rae fame) contacted me and asked if Alewives Fabrics would like to be part of her Fa La La La Fabric giveaway series... Rae is a doll and I do believe we are members of the Mutual Admiration Society.

I first met Rae this summer when I went to Weekend Sewing in Vermont with Ollie. We had a great time talking it up at dinner together... geeking out, I guess you might call it. The way only fabricophiles can!

She later contacted me via e-mail to say that she was very sorry she pronounced my name "Ray" (like her name is pronounced) all evening long.

I thought "Honey, you can call me whatever you want!"

To summarize, I have been a long time reader of Rae's blog, and being part of this giveaway is quite exciting to me. So, if you like free Alewives Fabrics you should get your virtual butt over to Rae's website and enter the giveaway. Then get your virtual butt back here on Sunday for our Virtual Christmas Open House (or your real butt if you are local) and you can win some free fabric (and other goodies!) there, too.

The "Indigo Icicles" fat quarter set: I pulled it together just for Rae's readers!!!

In other news, one of the best parts about Christmas this year has been the use of Vampire Weekend's song "Holiday" on the Honda (?) commercials.

The worst part has also been commercial related: the frequency of those ASPCA commercials with the abused animals and Sarah McLachlan singing in the background is killing me.

Now they have one with Willie Nelson singing "You Were Always On My Mind," too.

I'm not sure which one is wors-er.

It's not that I am pro-abusing animals (quite the opposite, I assure you).

It's just that if you know me AT ALL, even a little bit, you know that I am a crier.

I am a crier and it's getting worse as I get older, so naturally every time I see those commercials I lose it.

But then again, I can't even watch coffee commercials at this time of year without crying.

Or "Home Alone."

So, by all means please enter one - or both - of these giveaways, because if you don't, that will probably set me off, too!



PS... for the record, it's pronounced "Ree," but I'm not picky: I'll answer to anything!


DianeY said...

Thanks-I always thought it was Ree-ah. I haven't seen your crying commercials, but I love the bundle you put together!

Meg said...

You're not alone on the crying thing. My husband and I (who share our house with 6 rescue kitties) are both big saps--we have to change the channel immediately if that commercial with Sarah McLaughlin comes on, or we start bawling. I haven't come across the Willie Nelson one yet, thank goodness. I believe I welled up a couple of times watching Despicable Me last night, too. >.> Tis the season?

PS--that stack of fabrics is total yum! Right up my alley.

Kaylovesvintage said...

the colors are so cool..
enjoy your wintertime
no parcel yet?

Peach Rainbow said...

Thank you :)