Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The alewives are here!

The seagulls have been waking us up at a super-early hour each morning so I knew they were here, but I saw them today with my very own eyes.

Though it's still early and they're not here by the zillions like they will be in a couple of weeks, it still never fails to amaze me when these fish show up each year.

Ever wonder how the alewives got their funny name (And consequently how the store got it's name as well)?

Read all about it in our newest online newsletter right here.

See you again soon!




embracingitall said...

When I first heard of your store a couple of years ago, I though it was named after an old pub/hotel. I later realised there were fish by that name. And yes, I did think it an unusual name for fish. However, clicking the link and reading how the fish got their names, I don't feel so silly afterall! My first though was kind of right.
Mother nature sure does know how to put on a show through the amazing animals who occupy this world with us. Jacinta

Audrey said...

I just read your newsletter (beautiful design work). Thanks for the enlightenment! I've never seen these fish, but if I lived closer I'd come watch the ladder. What fun!