Wednesday, September 28, 2011

small, medium and large


Prettiest iron ever. Got this at the Antiques Mall at Fort Andross in Brunswick this summer and I've never seen another one like it. I love it way more than a person should be allowed to love an iron.

I actually use this iron every day. As a doorstop.

A bouquet of dried flowers that I picked up at the Common Ground Fair this past weekend. I wanted one of everything at the Common Ground Fair but for once in my life exercised a little restraint. This was the one thing I bought. Well, I feel I should specify this was the one thing not food related that I bought :-)

When I visited the Blueberry Hill Inn last summer, the ceiling of the dining room was a huge collection of dried bouquets, and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. Perhaps this small thing is the beginning of something big!

A small collection of Denyse's new fabrics from JoAnn's. I have no idea what I'm going to use them for, but I do love to make piles of fabric.

Plus a strawberry ornament on top, because, you know... it's a strawberry ornament!


I got these Paper Lantern flowers from a house on a side street in Camden on one of my days off. The gal had one of those signs that said how much the flowers were and a coffee can to hold the money. Honor system. I circled the house three times before I got up the nerve to stop, because for some crazy reason I am shy about these things, but I really wanted those flowers. After I put my money in the coffee can the lady came out of her house and told me all about how to keep them for years and years, and not to plant them in my garden because they will take over everything. I listened intently but the whole time I wanted to tell her that I had paid: my 5 bucks were in the coffee can. Just in case she was wondering. Guess it's the Catholic guilt.

We finally have a woodstove! I have had woodstove envy for many, many years now. I grew up in a wood-heated home and I tell you there is nothing like it. So we've been scheming and dreaming about a new woodstove and chimney since we moved in. I knew I wanted a small, off white enamel Jotul, because our living room is very small and doesn't get a lot of light. A big, dark, heavy woodstove just wouldn't look right.

Well, I have indeed been blessed by the woodstove gods, because our neighbors (the same ones whose home was destroyed in a fire this spring*) gave us their woodstove, and who would've thunk it, it's a small, off-white (almond!) enamel Jotul. They even gave us some touch-up paint!

*For the record, the fire in my neighbor's home had nothing to do with the woodstove (it was electrical, I believe...), but understandably, they no longer wish to heat with wood.

If you know your woodstoves you know that this is quite the score. I am beyond thrilled and so grateful to our neighbors.

What I won't show you is the HUGE hole we've had to dig outside to house the footing for the new chimney. Can't wait for that thing to be filled in.


The LARGE mess in my sewing room. I wish I could say this was due to getting a lot of sewing done, but sadly this is due to being a horrible picker-upper. Ironically the most sewing I have gotten done this summer has been of the hand-stitched variety.

See all the piles of fabric in the picture? I told you I liked to make piles!

And perhaps the biggest thing of all: the UPS truck appears to be over at the shop at this very moment. You know what that means! Today's my day off, but I might have to wander over and see what arrived...

That's all for this version of small, medium and large.

Hope you had fun!




Suzanne said...

Hi Rhea,

It really blows my mind sometimes how much we seem to have in common. I love those old irons. I have two (so far). I use mine as bookends in my sewing room. Yours is especially be-u-t-ful!

I make piles of fabric too-have several in my sewing room right now. Occasionally, I disassemble a pile and put the fabrics in with their like colors amongst my stash, but some piles seem way to special to separate.

I also love wood stoves and their heat. I didn't grow up with one, but have had one in the two different houses I've lived in as an adult. I love sitting so close that my flesh starts to bubble (o.k. that's an exaggeration, but I bet you know what I mean), then I push myself away to cool down, soon to be sidling up again for another blast of heat. Unfortunately, in my current house, the wood stove had to be in the basement, I need a "heat fix," now, I have to head down there.

Your Catholic guilt story reminds me of a Seinfeld episode (not to mention... I can relate to it, as I am afflicted by it)-the one where George wants the owner of the pizza parlor to see him put a tip in the tip bucket, so the guy will know he gave him a tip.

Belated congrats on your new longarm machine -very exciting.

Shannon McDonough said...


That is one of the most attractive wood stoves I have ever seen. I grew up with an efficient but regular wood stove and had been dreaming about some modern models I had seen in Dwell. However, after seeing yours, I have a new sort in my future. :) I hope to get to Maine to see your shop. I wish I had known about Alewives when I was in Damariscotta a few years ago for a friend's wedding. Be well. Love reading your posts.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, please do post photos of newly arrived fabric! Those of us who can only shop on line enjoy periodic updates on what has arrived.

Also... my fabric stack arrived yesterday and I am totally in love, totally! Jacqueline

Hinterland Mama said...

I AM having fun peeking and poking around here on your blog. Lots to see and fall in love with. Oooh and I'm an Austen fan too! ღ