Saturday, April 28, 2012

That girl is crafty like ice is cold!

Remember my friend Dash?

Well, not only did she WIN the National Geographic Society "Expedition Granted" competition to run off to the Hawaiian Islands and help save the endangered (and super-adorable) Hawaiian Monk Seal, she's also expecting her first baby at the end of May.

She's having a good year, don't you think?

The other day, she and her husband came into the shop to show off some crafty sewing she had been doing (with help from her fellow Yankee Crafty Katie) and I thought the project was so durned cute I should share it with you.

We have a very popular pattern here at the shop called "Effie and Ollie Elephant" by Heather Bailey.

Perhaps you've heard of it?

Well, the elephant in question is very cute, but very small: just enough elephant to fit in the palm of your hand, as a matter of fact.

And Dash, having an entire nursery to decorate and lots of elephant-making experience under her belt, decided this pattern would be a good candidate for enlarging.

By quite a bit.

So went to the local copy shop and that's just what she did.

And then she enlarged it again!

Dash very kindly gave me permission to share these photos from her blog, and I think you'll agree she made a very special family of elephants and this nursery is going to be properly tricked-out.

Congratulations, Dash... on both your fabulous year, your elephant family and your new baby... we can't wait to meet him or her!



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