Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City Weekend Sneak Peek

Hi my friends:

Just a warning that for the next few days posts may be sparse (-er than ususal)...

My personal computer needs a new power cord and has (surprise, surprise) run out of batteries so I am out of commission when not at the store and using the store's computer, which I am right now.

I got a surprise package in the mail today from Liesl...

She sent me some of her new fabric line, called "City Weekend" which will be coming out in September through Moda fabrics.

My sister Johanna and I stitched the squares she sent into a cute little quilt top this afternoon.

I told Liesl to be on the lookout for our Moda rep when she was at Quilt Market this past month...

He is a handsome dish.

I know I have described him before as a cross between Mandy Patinkin and George Clooney, and while that is still true I have also decided that there is something about him that looks a bit like Anthony Bourdain.

Francesca says he reminds her of Mr. Big.

(For the record, Ollie is aware of my fascination with the Moda rep.

Moda rep and I have been friends for a loooong time and Ollie has made his peace with that.)

And today in my surprise package from Liesl I got not only a sampling of her new fabrics but also a note telling me that she had indeed met our Moda rep and she confirmed his good-looking status.

You know, some days I think that ordering online is the way to go: we would get our fabric faster, it would save a lot of time, probably save a lot of money, yadda yadda yadda...

But then I remember how much fun I have when the reps come to visit: especially the cute ones who bring me brownie pie.

Ordering online has got a ways to go before it can top that, don't you think?




When our Moda rep was here this past Monday he did indeed bring me brownie pie and I did indeed order the BEJESUS out of the City Weekend line... look for it in all its glory in September.

Congratulations, Liesl!


Jill Dater said...

I guess the brownie pie worked....

Colette said...

NOW that is some GORGEOUS fabric!!! and who wouldn't be induced to ordering everything under the sun from a good looking man bearing brownie pie ;0)

Ravenhill said...

I adore your quilt! How perfectly wonderful that you did it together with your sister. I am afraid I don't have a sister to do such things with. My daughter and I just sat for ages though sorting my fabric and that was so cozy!

Do drop by my blog, I am having a give away and it would be a delight if you would join in!

Liesl Gibson said...

Love you, Rhea! Now if I could just convince you to come to Quilt Market so we could hang out in person--and you would have such fun there!

So glad you ordered the line.