Monday, June 28, 2010

I'll be watching...

Want to read about something good happening for a change?

This link will lead you to a great story about my friend (and good customer) Jayne's son, Jackson.

(Photo from the Kennebec Journal)

Jayne, for all of you super-locals, is from West Gardiner and she was the gal who made the patchwork belts and matching watch-straps at the Craft Swap.

She is also the gal who told me about the Pyrex Lady at the Monstweag flea-market.

Good luck, Jackson... I'll be watching and I know you'll be great!




Lorena said...

what a great story!! i will forward it to my friend who has a son with ds!

good luck to him!

Jayne Hickey said...

Rhea!!!! How sweet are you! Thanks for the linky love. We cannot wait for tomorrow, it's going to be absolutely amazing. I will be sure to update my blog with some pictures and the whole enchilada of a story when I get my breath back from all the craziness.
"Now pitching for the Boston Red Sox...