Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fish Ladder Festival pictures

Well, it is such a dreary Sunday here on the coast that I thought I would post some pictures from last weekend's Fish Ladder Fest, when it was (thank goodness!) nice and sunny for the holiday weekend...

This gorgeous little lady is my good friend Jan's granddaughter Kinzie after she had a little Alewife painted on her cheek by yours truly...

There was a puppet show on our lawn with local puppeteers telling lovely, magical "fish stories."

The lawn naturally slopes downhill, making a kind of amphitheater and the fountain was trickling in the background for low-tech stereo sound effects.

Here's a picture of Olive and her mama Francesca enjoying the puppet show.

Francesca, I do believe this is your blog debut ('bout time, don't you think?)

It should be noted that Olive's wardrobe was entirely handmade by Francesca.

Throughout the day our neighbor Nick was giving horse-and-carriage rides around the Mills.

I really wanted to go for a horse-and-carriage ride but the store was way too busy.

I had a good time watching them go by, though.

And of course, the alewives themselves were on display in all of their glory.

(Full disclosure: this is an old photo that I keep using over and over again because it is actually really hard to photograph the alewives when they are in the water)

It was a great weekend and I'm a little bummed it's over, but I will look forward to the Fish Ladder Festival being just as wonderful next year... hope to see you there!




Ann said...

A great time had by all

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely post!