Saturday, February 5, 2011

Haus Sweet Haus

Hot off the machine: I made another project from Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang.

I had seen some of the Haus Sweet Hauses in the Wee Wonderfuls Flickr pool and I thought they were so darn cute.

The other night, while I was waiting for Ollie to get home, I said to myself "Self, let's just start cutting out the pieces for the Haus Sweet Haus and see how far we get."

Well, I am sure you all know where I am going with this, but the cutting took virtually no time at all, so of course I couldn't help but sit down and at the very least begin to stitch the house together.

As it turns out, that didn't take very long, either.

By the time Ollie was home I was on the very last steps, and by then it seemed a little silly not to finish, so I did.

I used some of our ribbon (the instructions call for 1/2" wide ribbon for the lines on the house and 1 1/2" wide ribbon for the house gusset, but I'm pretty sure you could get away with slightly different sizes, (especially if you went down in size for the house ribbon and up in size for the gusset ribbon) which would widen your ribbon prospects considerably.

If you're looking for a good entree project from the book, this would be an excellent choice: it's quick, easy, fun and cute!

Check out these "Haus Sweet Hauses" from the Flickr pool for more inspiration!

I have a couple more projects to share with you soon...

One last Winslow Market Tote (I have to wait for my sister to stand still for a second to do a photo shoot with that particular bag: she is about to turn 13 and very wiggly!).

I also have part two of my Snow Day/Sew Day to share with you.

But please do me a favor and take this recent flurry of finished projects with a grain of salt.

Trust me, nobody wants to read a blog about a girl who answers e-mails and makes trips to the post-office and orders thread all day long, which is a much more accurate depiction of my life.

Trust me, I gotta fight for my right to party!




ReadingByLearning said...

Your idea for expanding your ribbon choices was spot on! Enjoyed

Andrea said...

So cute. It needs a little person, or a mouse or something now.

Colette said...

aaack your little house is so darn flippin' cute!

Susan Barr said...

We all know your life isn't all about project after project, but you gotta brag a little when you do something new or something you're really happy with!! :) Love both your projects from that book, you've inspired me to delve into it! (got it for Christmas!)