Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

The scene: Interior Alewives Fabrics, this morning, around 11:30 am:

Erin (To Rhea, who is dressed as Meredith Grey for Halloween):
You need to update your blog!!!

Rhea: No, what I need is to get Wireless Internet so I can update my blog as frequently as I'd like to.

Erin: How hard is it to get wireless?

Rhea (Defeated): Not very.

End scene.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, I am one of those people who complains about not having wireless, but who has not actually taken any steps toward getting it. Why am I so inactive about the whole thing? Excellent question. Sit down, get comfy cozy and I'll tell you.

Now, my friends are ALWAYS telling me that my life is like a movie. Strange, ironic and wonderful things happen to me, just not always in that order. Take today, for example. I am all by myself at the store today, looking forward to a nice, productive stretch at the sewing machine, capped off by a couple of friends swinging by around 6:00 to help me hand out candy. Is this how my day goes down??? Nooooo. Far from. It's more like this:

9:45: Get to store. Notice pretty new fabrics. Notice pretty new fabrics have no price on them. Look for pen to price fabrics with and packing list which tells me what price to write down.

10:00: Remember halloween candy. Unwrap candy and put it into a big basket. Toss candy like salad to insure even distribution of hershey's, kit kat's, reese's peanut butter cups and snickers. Notice renegade Kit Kat has abandoned basket and is lying on the table, looking all scrumptious. Eat Kit Kat to celebrate successful tossing of candy.

10:05: First customer of the day comes in. Customer needs 4 yards fusible fleece. Notice we only have one lonely little yard. Ask customer if she can wait for said fleece, as I ordered fleece last week and it should be in any second. Customer agrees to purchase one lonely little yard of fleece and come back for more later.

10:10: As customer is still browsing, Fed-Ex man shows up with order containing fusible fleece. Hallelujah. Proceed to sell customer #1 remaining 3 yards of fleece. Also flirt a little with Fed-Ex man. Example: Me:would you like some halloween candy, even though you're NOT wearing a costume? Fed-Ex guy: Yes. And I AM wearing a costume. I'm dressed up like a Fed-Ex guy. *roll eyes*

10:30: Start un-packing rest of notions order

10:45: "9 months pregnant Rachel" shows up to visit.

11:00: Erin and her 1 year old, Elizabeth stop in to visit. Elizabeth is dressed as little Red Riding Hood in a costume her mama made for her. I tear up the store trying to find my camera so I can take a picture. Erin harrasses me about not updating my blog more often.

11:45: Erin and "9 Months pregnant Rachel" go home.

12:00: Resume un-packing notions order. Realize that I haven't checked the store's e-mail yet. Begin the looong process of booting up computer/dialing into the internet to check mail.

12:30: Decide I am hungry. Make Ramen Noodles.

12:45: Am eating Ramen noodles/cecking e-mails. Michaela stops by to drop off the birds and elephant she sewed for us from the new Last Minute Patchwork Gifts book by Joelle Haverson. Decide birds are super cute. Abandon e-mails, yet still eat Ramen as we decide where birds should hang.

1:00: Hillary brings in her son, Scotty, dressed in Optimus Prime Transformers costume. Scotty demonstrates how costume actually does "transform." Peak at her daughter Izzy, dressed as a chicken, asleep in backseat of Hillary's car. Again, search for, but am unable to locate, camera. Cry a little.

1:30: Hillary and crew leave. Michaela and I begin search outside for real live tree branch to hang cute little birds on.

1:45: Locate branches. Bring them inside and hang birds throughout the store.

2:00: Am visited by Amanda, who have not seen since high school. Spend next hour catching up on last 10 years of our lives.

2:45: Amanda and Michaela leave.

3:00: Resume checking e-mails/checking in notions order/eating halloween candy/waiting on people/writing this blog.

You see how my life is, Erin...? At which point am I supposed to do the whole Wireless Internet thing? But I'm soooo not complaining: I have the best job in the world. And, P.S. I found my camera!!! Talk to you again soon... and with pictures, I promise!!!


Erin said...

Ha! See what a little harassing gets me? A blog entry! And a funny one at that! Must harass Rhea more often...

I believe I e-mailed you some Little Red Riding Hood pics this morning. If not, let me know.

I am the culprit of the lonely yard of fusible fleece. Sorry.

Stephen is made at me for not grabbing candy to bring home to him. Save some, will ya?

Sorry we didn't make it in again. No naps today and cranky Little Red Riding Hood had had enough!

Unknown said...

Heh, you forgot the part where you threatened bodily harm to the person that moved the camera.

And then the part where you found the camera in your house. :D

Rhea Butler said...

Touchee, Erin and Michaela...Touchee!!!