Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving Top Ten Countdown...#6 Marimekko Fabric Panels

Hello, hello.

Now that we are back from Thanksgiving and back in the swing of things let us pick up where we left off at #6, which just happens to be Marimekko Fabric Panels.

Marimekkos are new to our store and I don't know what took us so long. They are very much up our alley and our customers looove these Finnish goodies and you know what? I love them, too.

Now, Marimekkos are not your typical fabrics. They are bigger (Approximately 57" wide) and more expensive ((between $23 and $35 a yard: yowzah!!!), and not to be used the same way you use other fabrics. Their larger-than-life screen printed graphics (that's a yard stick in the red photo, people, NOT a ruler!!!) would be great in shower curtains, curtain-curtains, duvet covers, tablecloths, etc. but I believe that they are best used stretched onto a canvas and hung on the wall as art. Sooo modern and pretty.

Don't you know someone in your life who could use a little color? Or a lot? And we have many more prints to choose from at the store: including those quintissential Marimekko "poppies."

A great present for someone who is truly impossible to shop for. Or for a really bad fabric snob (I consider myself a card-carrying member, so I'm allowed to say that!)

See you again soon!




Philigry said...

this is the best fabric i have seen in a long time! wow. so beautiful, and worth the extra money. i love that first one!

Unknown said...

Hey there girly...

I'll be headed down to see you at some point this week.

Started a crafting blog. Shawn is in Detroit. Other then that, same old same old.