Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Full Bloom

Ummm, excuse me....

To whom do I complain about the weather situation?

The weather man?

Mother Nature?

The Big Guy upstairs?

Believe it or not, the forecast is calling for MORE rain.

Our first chance for a good day is not for another week.

(Come ON!... Can't we just have a good-ish Fourth of July at LEAST?

How about overcast? ... I will settle for overcast!)

Anyhoo, we got some new fabrics in the shop.

They are from the line called "Full Bloom" by Bari Ackerman for Windham Fabrics.

I understand that Bari is a girl's name and it rhymes with "starry."

As much as I hate the weather forecast I LOVE the painterly quality to these fabrics.

I love the Bird print, but I am a huge sucker for birds.

Did I tell you that Ollie and I got Zebra finches?

They make the COOLEST noises.

We call them Cornelius and Mr. Allnut.

Cornelius is a boy (so far as we can tell) and Mr. Allnut is a girl (so far as we can tell).

Why do we call the girl "Mr." Allnut, you are asking.

Oh, it's a long story but it is all my doing.

My little sister refuse to accept these names and has given them alternate names of Bobo and Squawkers.

Not bad...

My friend Kristine let her little boys name their two goldfish and they are now called Pizza Man and Wowie.

The one called Wowie is one of those Goldfish with the HUGE googly eyes, so he really does look like a Wowie.

And I am rambling here BIG time but did I mention that it is raining?

At the very least the rain is a really good excuse for feeling Blah...

Alright, I am off in search of breakfast.

Stay tuned: my 150th post is coming up here and I just might do something cuh-RAZY!




jessica's ned said...

dear rhea,

are those foxgloves in the last picture? i do love me a tall, confident foxglove.


bari said...

Hi there. Fabric Shopper just told me you had my fabrics! I'm so excited to see them here! Thanks so much!

And you can tell Jessica's Ned that they are indeed Foxglove. :) I just planted some btw, and darn if the heat didn't kill 'em.

Happy sewing!
~ Bari (Oh... rhymes with Harry.)

Rhea Butler said...

Oh my goodness... I stand corrected!

But I guess you would know, being the designer and all.

Thanks for the heads-up, Bari



PS Foxgloves it is!!!

Duly noted. I will change it on the website... I had put Hollyhocks but upon further review and confirmation from the actual designer I guess I was wrong (and happily so)!!! Sorry yours wilted, Bari. Don't feel too bad. If they were here in Maine they would have mildewed by now. We should all have us some "tall confident foxgloves."