Monday, June 1, 2009

This just in...

I somehow miraculously received two of these books in the mail this morning...

Just in time for the Summer Sew Along this Friday night!

We have been sold out of the Weekend Sewing book and they have been on back-order and every time someone comes in and wants one I go "D'oh!"

If you want one, may I suggest acting fast?

There are more on their way, but when they will get here, nobody knows!

It has been a circus around here with the new webstore and Summer in general but I am leaving all that behind me and spending the next two days with Ollie and Reuben in Spruce Head.

(A little R+R never hurt anybody)

See you again soon!




Philigry said...

oh, have a great time. i still need to get my hands on that book. all of the projects look amazing!

Liz said...

Have fun Rhea Rhea!