Friday, December 4, 2009

Hope Valley

My gal has done it again...

Hope Valley is here and I am so in love.

Denyse's new collection comes in three different colorways:

Piney Woods:

The Fiesta Colorway:

And finally New Day:

And I know it is the most cliche thing in the world to say, but I can't decide which colorway I like the best.

I know I want to make something out of the "wallflower" print... probably the new Amy Butler Liverpool Shirtdress.

Which one of these three would you choose???

If I was a customer in my own shop and I asked myself which of the these three fabrics I would choose my answer (to myself) would be:

"Oh, gosh, it depends on what kind of a mood you are in!"

They are all three so pretty: bandana chic!

What I like about Hope Valley is that the whole collection is so usable.

Any of these prints would be great on their own as a garment (hence my Liverpool Dress dilemma), but they are sooo strong as a collection.

Just piling up the bolts to take these photos the colors were twinkling at me.

These are so pleasingly different from anything else out there right now.

That Denyse Schmidt, she knows of what she sews.

She's really going to be somebody someday ; )

Here is a little description of the "Hope Valley" collection from Denyse herself:

Inspired by the can-do community attitude and homesteading economics of the depression era, Hope Valley is the latest quilting-weight fabric collection by Denyse Schmidt. Eight beautiful new prints in a range of scales take their cue from a vintage-tinged country landscape that embodies a sense of new beginnings and possibilities. Three fresh and inviting color families evoke a feeling of hope and down-home hospitality. Hope Valley is perfect for all your quilt, apparel, home, or accessory projects.

There's even a free quilt pattern available:

I will admit that sometimes I do not get too jazzed by the free quilt patterns that are offered with collections but I love, love, LURV this one.

(download the quilt pattern by following this link.)

Don't look for me to make that shirt dress too soon, though.

I sadly have very little time for sewing.

If you like sewing I don't recommend owning a fabric store.

Or any store.

I am alone at the shop again today - don't worry: everyone is fine! - but I have spent the time racing between customers and the computer to update all of these luscious lovelies aaand the UPS guy just dropped off three more boxes that are (funnily enough) shaped like bolts of fabrics.

In my free time I must confess that I am doing some top-secret holiday sewing.

And I still want to make that Favorite Things Uptown Coat.

Plus I have an Oliver+S School Days Coat to finish.

I am up to my eyeballs in unfinished sewing projects and I am not the kind of gal who likes that.

But anyways, Hope Valley is up in the online store.

I will let it all percolate and drink it all in and maybe by the new year I will be ready to pounce...

I just hope there are some of these fabrics left by then!


Rhea at Alewives


Karen L R said...

Hey, how about making the dress with all three fabrics? Patchworky and fun?

Anonymous said...

I was sucked to the blue the minute I saw it. I am not really a "blue" person either, but that blue is so enchanting. I am thinking about making a peasant style blouse out of it.