Monday, January 18, 2010

La La Log Cabins

The Improv movement is super-white-hot in the quilting world right now (as evidenced here, here and here).

After Denyse's workshop at Alewives last Summer, I came away so inspired, so jazzed to create, that I explored the style and eventually that led me to create my own take on Improv.

Improv most likely had its roots born out of necessity, like these ladies, and it really hasn't changed all that much over the years.

And while it may seem silly to hold a "class" or develop a "pattern" or set of "instructions" for Improv, here's a little food for thought...

Improv doesn't mean that there are no rules: it means that you make your own rules.

(Whoa, man!)

So I did, and that is how the La La Log Cabin was born.

Here are some pictures from our very own La La Log Cabin class.

We have been meeting on Sunday afternoons for a couple of weeks now: whooping it up and having a great time.

Just look at the celebrations and improvisations going on in these quilts and you can see why I I get so excited by this style...

Here's Chris's quilt and a detail shot below:

Don't you just love that little birdy?

And this is Francesca's quilt...

I love how the Polka Dots are having their way with this quilt, giving it an old fashioned charm and a new-fangled chic at the same time... here's a detail shot:

Where'd you get all those cool fabrics, Francesca???

And here is Julie's quilt so far...

Up close it looks like this:

Bonjour, little Owls!

I love how these guys are peeking out at you, wondering what you are up to.

Here are some more quilts from the class...

Donna's quilt: (a future present for her present Grandson)

Anne's quilt: (Gotta love those birds in the centers!)

Susan's quilt: (This reminds me of Freddy Moran)

Meredith's quilt: and wait, who's that? Why, it's Meredith!

And Kelly's quilt: (love, love, LOVE this color combo)

So, those are the La La Log Cabins

(And that's with two people's quilts missing!)

I chose to call them La La Log Cabins because Cha Cha Chinese Coins was already taken, as was Oh Oh Ohio Star.

(That's a little quilting joke.)

Improv is definitely not for everybody -it gets some STRONG reactions from people- but it is most definitely for me.

What do YOU think?




Jenny said...

oooh, i would love this class...would be so fun to sew with you all! love Freddy Moran inspiration too!

kaitlin said...

love it! making everything up as i go is actually how i leard to quilt. and sew too!

BK said...

J'adore those La La Log Cabins. They're awesome. Very good inspiration for deviating from the norm and coming up with something La La Lovely!


Jayne said...

Love it Rhea! I need to overcome my fear of finishing a quilt! I have two that are started and could be so cute if I just...well...finished them! Maybe after Jackson's surgery I'll get a new point of focus and finish them. Yes, and clean my house too! And exercise! And eat healthy. And write letters. And sleep 8 hours a night. Oh it's going to be great!

Or I could just come to the shop and buy lots of adorable fabric and chit chat with ya! Yes, that sounds more manageable!


And tell Reuben Jackson says, "huh huh huh" (his new doggie sound)

Ravenhill said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! Your class participants are so lucky to be able to take such a wonderful course. Aren't they good too!

LizzieAlone said...

Oooooh, Rhea-Rhea, I lo-lo-love these! (and I miss you all tons!)