Thursday, July 22, 2010

The dorkiest thing I have ever said...

So, here's a quick little post for you.

You know how I have been working on my La La Log Cabin and desperately trying to finish it in time for the quilt show?

You know how I said I needed 56 squares and I was almost done with them all?

Well, on Monday I did finish all 56 of my squares and I put the quilt squares up on the design wall and rearranged a bit (I am nothing if not a champion re-arranger) but something was not quite right.

Something wasn't doing it for me and I was really upset because I feel like this quilt is my baby, you know?

So it occurs to me that I have the quilt set 7 blocks across by 8 blocks down, for a large, fat rectangle.

(Here comes the part where I say something dorky... I HATE when people say stuff like this and yet here I am saying it on the internet for all to read...)

I'm looking at this rectangle-y quilt and looking at it and looking at it and it occurs to me:

The quilt is TELLING ME that it wants to be square.

It DOESN'T WANT TO BE a rectangle.

Isn't that the dorkiest thing ever:

"The quilt is speaking to me!?!"


(Whew, feels good to get it out, though.)

So, what did I do?

Spent my days off coughing up 8 more squares at the 11th hour so I can set the rows 8 by 8.

Now I have 64 squares to sew together and then it's off to be machine-quilted and the I have to bind it.

If you see me at the quilt show (which is in exactly one week, by the way) with this quilt finished it will be

A) A miracle


B) A good opportunity for you to tell me that you like the square-y-ness of the quilt and that I am not a huge dork.



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