Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blast from the Past

Okay, I couldn't resist...

I found a picture of me in my senior prom dress.

That's my good friend Atsuko Nogami in the picture with me.

We didn't even plan the whole silver/gold thing.

She was a Japanese exchange student and I was a newly-returned-from-France ex-exchange student myself.

My date was my long-time boyfriend, Steven, who went on to fame and glory in Time Warner cable ads and waaaay-off Broadway plays.

I'm still waiting for him to hit the big time so I can sell his stuff on E-bay.

By the by...

Does anybody else look back at their high school pictures and think how much time they wasted thinking they were "fat" and "ugly" when actually they were quite thin and pretty?

But who am I kidding?

Look at that picture... I was hot stuff and I knew it.

See you again soon,




jessica's ned said...

Hot stuff then and now! Do you still have this beautiful dress?

Rhea Butler said...

Umm, I believe so, yes.

It's probably over at my Mom's old house (now my brother's house) in my old closet with a bunch of stuff that I really should get out of there.

Awww, though.

What are ya gonna do?