Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Voila le Coupon...

I told you to keep a look out for this little beauty...

And here it is. Print it out and bring it on in.

Other places you can get this coupon?

Check your in-boxes this coming week for a new class list with coupon,

If you get snail-mail from us you will be getting a coupon via your mail-box (feel free to kiss the postman),

Check the local paper as the big day approaches,

or stop in Alewives to get a coupon.

Tell your friends... shop together!!!


since you did such a nice job keeping a look-out this last time, be on the look-out these next few weeks for new classes with new teachers, updates on all kinds of great merchandise at the store, a VERY BIG announcement about a workshop that is well,... shall we say "in the works," the launch of the new website AAANNNDDD... a giveaway.

In the meantime, don't forget about the Shop Hop and the Sale!

Can't wait to see you at both!

Until next time,




Peggy said...

ooooh, count me in. i love a good birthday celebration, especially when i get a goody bag like 30% off. i've only made one trip to your shop, but I left with loads of fabric and have been dutifully sewing it into pretty things. got word of alewives from iris e's blog, and i like to link up to your shop to get the word out some more. stop on by and see what the peacock corduroy made itself into! xo peggy

Liz said...

Hi Rhea-Rhea, do I get to use my coupon if I shop online? I thought about you today because I missed the BOM class - sewed all day to make up for it! Cheers, Liz

MEonthelake said...

OK, now that I have used up all of the GREEN ink in my printer to print the coupon...a small price to pay for 30% OFF. WOW! Oh wait, I forgot, the other "cost" associated with attending the sale - a BD gift for Rhea! Still a good deal! Am planning on taking a sick day to get to the sale and the par-tay. Marking it on my calendar NOW.