Monday, March 9, 2009

HoOoOo likes a SALE?

YOoOo DOoOo...

That's HoOoO!!!!

So, want to get a great deal on some fabulous books and patterns and oh, yes... fabrics?

Then I do believe that you'll want to be at Alewives on TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, which just happens to be my 30th birthday (which is either very sad or very miraculous, depending upon which camp you belong to... I myself belong to both at times) and in celebration of said event we are having ourselves a little cake and ice cream and a 30% OFF SALE!!!

I look at it this way: I cannot change the fact that I will soon be 30 and will in no way, shape or form be a "kid" anymore but instead a full-fledged (quote/unquote) "adult", so I might as well milk it, right? And shouldn't you benefit from said milking?

Look. I'm an Aries. If you don't know what that means I will tell you that it involves the universe revolving around me and not necessarily the sun. It means that all of my friends get regular impending birthday warnings every month on the first of the month (more frequently
as the date approaches) and detailed lists of what gifts I would like to receive, complete with item #'s and back-up gifts in case my first choices are unavailable. It means that when I say "I really don't want any gifts this year," that is code for "I really DO want gifts this year," and heaven help you if you don't decode these secret messages. If you think I am exaggerating then I've got witnesses (named JD, Mom, Johanna, Shawn, Erin, Kathleen, and of course Oliver) who will tell you with a twinkle in their eye (hopefully) that this is the reality of being friends with Rhea.

But enough about me. Let's talk about my Birthday Sale. You will be the beneficiaries of 30% off fabrics, books, patterns, fact, your entire purchase (with the exception of consignment items, clearance items, ice-cream and sodas) will be 30% off.

BUT... were gonna make you work a little for it. You're going to have to print out a 30% off coupon (coming soon...keep your eyes peeled!), you're going to have to use it on the big day (which, once again, is Tuesday, April 14th, also known as my 30th birthday... are ya writin' this down???) and I'm so sorry, but no one will be allowed to redeem gift certificates during the sale.

Annnd... you have to bring me a present... just "kidding,"... wink,wink.

See you at the SALE!!!



PS... that cute spotted owl fabric is available at the store but it is going fast!!!

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Iris E. said...

I LOVE these owls, of course! And so psyched about the sale too, and your birthday! I have it on the calendar.

As for swapping eggs for fabric, sounds great. Except I have me a bunch of perimenopausal hens...but we're getting babies this spring! Eventually, I will just GIVE you som eggs, when I have a few to spare! We may have to wait a bit.