Sunday, June 7, 2009

R.I.P. S.O.B.E.

Nothing to do with the store or fabric, so be warned!

I would like to begin this very sad, sad post by stating that I do not smoke.

I don't have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

I care not for coffee.


Well, if you know me even a little bit, you will know that I love...


The citrus-flavored SOBE Energy to be precise.

Wherever I am there is a bottle of SOBE somewhere close at hand.

I truly, truly am refreshed by it.

I hate water.

I have tried and tried to make myself CHOOSE water over SOBE but it's just not coming naturally to me.

But this week, the expanding waist-line and the little angel on my shoulder were telling me that it was time to move on from the SOBE and drink something healthier.

I would like to pretend that I only drink a little bit of SOBE each day but that would be a huge lie, because I drink a LOT of it and those calories add UP.

I used to tell myself that all that vitamin C was good for me, but even I know that all the vitamin C in the world will not make up for all the sugar and calories that are in it, too.

AND... it's SOOOexpensive (almost $2 a bottle! Yowzah!)

I will confess to everyone that SOBE has pretty much been all I have hydrated myself with for the last um, shall we say, "few" years.

I can hear you cringing.

BUT: we have a long history together, the SOBE and I...

When I worked at the Greenhouse with Jessica my first summer out of college nothing was finer on a hot day than that beautiful yellowy-orange juice waiting for me in the flowers cooler.

When I was in Design School and if I was cranky the guys would always tease me and say "watch out, Rhea hasn't had her SOBE today, I'm Rhea and I want a SOBE...NOW!"

Oliver filled my Christmas stocking with SOBEs this year and there is nothing more romantic to me than when he comes home and pulls a SOBE bottle out of his sweatshirt.

It is our thing and I'm going to miss it.

Because yesterday I had my last SOBE.

Oliver bought it for me at the Yellowfront Store (sniff....)

I will probably still have a SOBE on major holidays or if I am sick, but the days of "Me and My SOBE" are gone for good.

I am making do with lemon water and honest tea.

But don't cry for me... this too shall pass and I will conquer my SOBE addiction.

We all have our struggles, right?

Do they make a 12-step program for things like this, because I would be all over that.

So, if you come in to the store and I seem a little bit "edgy" that is why.

Goodbye, SOBE... I am going to miss you and your 270 calories per bottle of citrus-y goodness.

All I can say is, if I make it into heaven there had BETTER BE a bottle of SOBE waiting for me.

See you again soon!




Cami said...

I love a juicy drink as well, and the calories do add up quickly. I have found the FUZE Slenderizing drinks to be a good (not great) substitute. At about 10 calories/bottle it's a pretty good trade-off.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can help fill that hole. ;-)

I did some desperate googling, but I couldn't find a confirmed email address. I fear I have no option but this very public comment...and I have to confess I haven't tried the citrus sobe, but I know I wouldn't give up coffee.

Please email me...there are 6 years gone and a pizza at the Cabin in my most recent memory.

I miss you!

~Barbara (ze tru(ly quiet) alto)