Friday, May 29, 2009

Liza and Olivia-Jane

... they frequent our shop quite a little bit.

It's about time they put in an appearance on the blog.

Are they not a well-dressed duo?

Hey Liza, whered'ya get that great fabric?

We love the local gals...

...especially these two.



Keep on doing your thang, ladies... you make us smile every time we see you!


K said...

Can you tell me about the bird fabric the little one's shirt is made from? I adore it!

Rhea Butler said...

That's an Alexander Henry print and you can get it in our new webstore!

(It's in the Alexander Henry section of the fabrics page and it's called Birdseed Turquoise)


Liesl Gibson said...

The webstore looks great! Nice and clean. Congratulations, and I hope it does very well for you.


liza said...

shucks, rhea! thanks so much. cooking up an absolutely delish "twirly skirt" (has to be "twirly")for little o out of the "good folks" fabric i just bought last week in the shop.
also linked here fro soulemama? girl, you get around! great job, great site and you guysmakeus smile, too. thanks for puttin' up with the "yokels".

liza said...

ew. olive has ravaged my keyboard... no spacebar= submitting a comment that makes you look like a dum-dum head. sorry.

Emily in Chicago said...

That little one's outfit is precious!

I found your website (and blog) through SouleMama and love it! I hope to swing by sometime when visiting family in Damariscotta this summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I also just found your website through SouleMama. Do you know anything about the Mom's shirt? It is so cute. I know it is Amy Butler fabirc. Did she use a pattern or make it on her own?

liza said...

i made it on my own. modified it from a pillowcase dress pattern i drafted for the wee one (you can find tutes all over the web) and my special secretto a really comfy fit? instead of pulling the ties through the casing in front where it gathers across the chest- use 1/4" elastic instead. that way, "the girls" won't be seen out the armpit holes when you bend over... comfier, too!