Monday, November 2, 2009

Post Halloween check-in

You know Halloween is over when:

None of the customers are asking for gold lame or black tulle or fake fur anymore.

There is a BIG ol' bowl of leftover candy on the counter.

The bathroom sink is littered with white cream face paint and fake eyelashes.

You start getting ready for the Early Bird/Late Riser's Sale.

I wanna go shopping at the Early Bird (especially at Darling&Delisle... I guess you probably aren't supposed to shop for yourself at the Early Bird Sale, but I feel a new scarf coming on!).

And I can't wait to bust out the scissors at the Late Riser's Sale.

Will I be seeing you there?



I promise an update on the Oliver+S School Days Jacket and Coat... as soon as I figure out how to clone myself.


Kaylovesvintage said...

busy bee...guess now people will start to make christmas gifts lot's of red

Anonymous said...

Oh Reubie! Don't you know cupcakes aren't good for you, you silly dog! I suppose it is a little better than crashing through a window. Silly dog!