Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that as a way of celebrating National Quilt Day, which is this coming Saturday, March 20th...

all fat quarters in our shop will be 20% off!!!

That means fat quarter sets, octets, Turning Twenty kits, Marimekko fat quarters, Japanese fat quarters, double gauze fat quarters, voile fat quarters, all of the above and more are included in the sale.

If you visit the shop IRL (In Real Life), you will have to choose from our PRE-CUT selection of fat quarters.

If you visit our webstore, this is one of the times that you will have a leg-up on the IRL people because you can order fat quarters of whatever you like, BUT there is one very important piece of information...

webstore customers will have to use the code nationalquiltingday at checkout.

(IRL people just have to be in the right place at the right time).

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I have been very busy shopping at Target lately!

Remember: it is JUST for this Saturday, March 20th for National Quilting Day and the 20% off is JUST for fat quarters!

Thanks for quilting with us!



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Lori said...

hey rhea, i was on ravelry this morning, i belong to a quilting qroup and one of the ladies posted a pretty cool idea...thought maybe it would be something you might want to try for the shop. i am going to do the old copy and paste thing here lol...sorry.>>> "I joined a group at our local quilt shop. We are know as “the Desperate Divas of Dyer Street,” (the store’s address). There are 12 people and each week, for 12 weeks, a name is chosen and that person picks out 4 fabrics. On the 15th of each month everyone comes in to get the 4 fat eigths. Then each creates a block and returns it. The next month all 12 blocks go to the person who chose the fabrics. It cost $5.00 @ month. I can’t wait till it is my turn. I am posting the ones I made so far."