Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fever

Had a great stretch of weather here... but I guess it will be getting cold again in the next week.

They say the last week of winter felt like spring and the first week of spring is going to feel like winter.

But whatever happens, we had our doors and windows wide open this weekend and it was a very pleasant 68 degrees when I went through town and I got to wear short sleeves and flip-flops and NOBODY can take that away from me!

It made me want to DO things.


We have new classes up on the website (no new online classes, yet, though... these are "IRL" classes).

We have new stuff up on the website: fun stuff!

And, if you are not already a devotee of watching CBS Sunday Morning, you should become one right away: they are doing a whole story about m+m's this morning... and Ben Stiller.

(I love both of those things!)

Anxious to see how the health care bill turns out, too.

Should be an interesting day, one way or another.

Happy Sunday!



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