Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Important news... AKA: the day I shared too much information!

Went to Target today for the big Liberty of London mash-up.

To my surprise, I did not get the bike (all sold out!).

But I did buy not one, but two Liberty of London bras!

(These are not me in the photos, by the way... OB-viously...)

I have to admit that I tried them out on a whim, thinking they would be too flimsy for a gal like me.


They are surprisingly comfy and supportive!

I am very happy with my decision, as the price was great and they are so cute they will make me smile every time I remember that I am wearing one of them.


If I seem a little "perky" these days, you'll know why.

(Too much information?)




Unknown said...

I love knowing I have something pretty and sexy on, and I want that bike too, Wally world has some but they are not nearly as purty

zoesimm said...

Ha! they are cute...the bras, the bras :-) Hitting SPortland Target tommorrow....want me to check for the bike there?

Colette said...

Picked myself up TWO Liberty of London PJ's and LOVE them! Darn...wish I would have tried on a bra, but like you thought that they would be flimsy. Oh well, next time!