Friday, July 16, 2010

In which the Alewives Girl actually gets some sewing done...

I have been getting some sewing done lately...

I have two Simplicity 3835's all done which I will have to post pictures of soon.

I have my new BFF Phiona over at Nido to thank for the 3835 craze.

(I have to post about my lovely encounter with Phiona someday soon here...)

Remember all of my Summer Blouses?

When I fall for something I fall hard.

But enough about un-photographed projects: onto the photographed ones!!!

First up, I just this morning completed my Museum Tunic!

I love, love, love how this came out and can't wait to make more...

Now that I understand the construction I can crank these out with just two pieces of whichever fabric I like!

(Ahhh, fabric...)

I put a panel of the Pastry Stripe dobby in magenta down the middle in both the front and back of the dress.

I wish I could say this was for purely artistic reasons, but as it turns out I am a bit more curvy than the divine Miss AMH.

Turns out I am shorter, too.

In order to avoid a most serious J-Lo, double tape encounter I had to take in the shoulders by a few inches.

And, unlike Miss AMH, as you can see I inversed the panel so that the smaller squares are at the shoulders and hem and the large squares are in the middle... it works the exact same way!!!

I like how this came out, especially since I ended up having to take in the shoulders so much.

Turned out pretty good, no?

(BTW, all of our dobbies, including the pastry stripes, are gone EXCEPT FOR we have some of the Square Dance panel left in the magenta colorway which is gorge, but must be pounced-upon if you want to make one of these Museum Tunics for yourself... the dusk is all gone now and the light blue color is super long gone now.)

(Double BTW, we just got in those new-to-us AMH voiles from Westminster this morning and they are up on the website!)

And the other type of sewing I have been getting done are these super-addictive La La Log Cabin blocks.

I am trying to finish off the very first La La I ever started so we can take it with us to the Quilt Show at the end of the month.

I need 56 blocks.

The good news is that I have all but 7 done at last counting.

The other good news is that I am shortly coming out with a free set of instructions/pattern for how to make these blocks.

You can get a copy by visiting us at the shop, seeing us at the Quilt Show, sending me a SASE, or when they are ready I will start putting copies into people's orders as their little freebie gift, instead of the Vinyl Grocery Tote pattern that people are now getting.

BUT, they aren't ready yet.

I promise I will let you know when they are done and then the free pattern madness can begin!

So in addition to all the other stuff I have been up to, against all odds I have gotten quite a little bit of sewing done, too.

Have a great weekend and I will see you soon!




Phiona said...

LOVE your AMH dress--will have to make one now ;)


Kaylovesvintage said...

love it

guess I should move would be so nice to have coffee with you

kt said...

I have a summer wedding to attend on the southern coast of CT. I am now inspired to create this for said wedding... and accessorize with amy butler's free necklace pattern. looks crazy easy...

Unknown said...

that dress is seriously too cute..
if i were to make one without using her panels but a different fabric, any idea how much i'd need?