Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of those times...

...when I wish there were more than one of me.

• One of me to draw and design fabric all day long
(you would buy this, right?)

• One of me to lie around and watch "Sex and the City"

• One of me to take Reuben for a walk, because it is such a nice day

• One of me to plant the garden and do my herb boxes and weed the Quince bush that is choking out the peonies

• One of me to finish Summer Blouse #5 (and then blog about it)

• One of me to watch Heather Ross on Martha Stewart this morning (and then blog about it)

• One of me to do my spring cleaning

• One of me to finish the Block of the Month (and then blog about it)

• One of me to go get a facial

• One of me to upload the bejesus out of the new webstore

• One of me to hang out and dish with my girlfriends

• One of me to make something fabulous for dinner

• And one of me to make a new duvet cover, new curtains and new pillows (and then blog about it)

Buuuutttt.... I guess I'll settle for 2 days off where I have vowed to not set foot in the store and not to do anything that involves driving more than fifteen minutes away from my house.

Do I know how to party of what?



P.S. I just read on Heather's blog that Liberty of London is coming out with a new low-priced cotton sheeting line for quilters. Score! (Fabric nerds I assure you that I am on TOP of this situation!)

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Ellen said...

I think the world would be a better place if there were multiples of you!